We have proprietary tools that can be utilized to perform Application Assessment, Network Assessment, and Server/Workload Assessment. Baseline parameters and resource utilization are measured and concise reports are generated. The reports provide the critical facts that are required to plan your cloud migration stategy. In addition, we offer a full Security Assessment. Even if you are not planning to migrate to the cloud, these assessments are an excellent way to fully document your current environment prior to future expansion and for compliance, as well.



It is important to complete a real-time performance test of the application once it is properly migrated to the cloud. We will perform full load testing and utilization analysis to provide additional information for scaling resources as usage goes up and down. In addition, we will perform full security testing of the application and data.



Our migration approach is unique. Unlike companies that offer mainly “as-is” migrations, we provide you with an opportunity to clean up, upgrade and further secure your application as per industry-best practices. Many times, migrations can be performed with zero downtime. From our perspective, migration should not be simply image and redeploy using new hardware. Rather, migration is an opportunity to convert to a situation which will best position your business for your future goals.



Once your application has been migrated moved to the cloud, it must be maintained and managed for availability, security and health. We can monitor your application and each of its components and dependencies, 24x7x365, and receive alerts when the slightest anomaly occurs. With our management service, you can rest assured that our team is responding to all alerts in the shortest time possible.

Our services cover all aspects of cloud technology. Many options and competing technologies exist relating to the cloud, each with pros and cons. It can be difficult to choose the cloud migration strategy that is optimal for your business priorities. Our talented team has assisted numerous diverse customers using a wide array of virtualization platforms. Therefore, we can advise and assist you without any particular bias. We are ready to help you at any stage of your cloud migration strategy, from planning and implementation to management and future expansion.


We offer many types of Assessment Services. These are typically one time tasks and are delivered with full documentation and a certificate of completion. Our reports include an executive summary, methodology used and results obtained. Optional services can include a more thorough analysis of results and recommendations for a cloud migration strategy, including cost estimates for various scenarios. While these assessments are indispensable for planning and implementing a cloud migration strategy, we also have customers who request these to analyze and document IT infrastructure and applications for management information and compliance purposes.

Application Assessment

Easy Cloud Management analyzes your present application architecture. For custom built applications especially, this can be extremely valuable. We analyze key components of your application and assess whether it has been optimized to take advantage of cloud technology. A fully optimized cloud application can scale resource utilization up or down, based on demand. For example, stateless applications can take full advantage of the cloud and its elasticity. Easy Cloud Management can offer advice on how even rigidly designed stateful applications may benefit from migrating to the cloud. We do so by assessing your application architecture and considering the possible division of database, application and presentation layers. We are not application developers but we can improve your application performance from the cloud by working with your application developers.

Network and Application Footprint Assessment

When an application is migrated to the cloud, its users remain where they are! Therefore, their logical and physical access through the network may take a completely different path. A thorough network analysis allows you to plan for adequate bandwidth as part of your pre-cloud migration plan. This pro-active plan avoids the lost productivity that can result from post migration network problems. We use proprietary APM (Application Performance Monitoring) technology to passively look at ALL transactions and their associated latencies, while your application is in use by actual users. This enables us to see the overall footprint of your application, in and outside of your network. All application dependencies, latencies, performance and health metrics are discovered, measured and documented. Bottlenecks and pinch points are identified and eliminated, thus ensuring that after migration, your users will enjoy optimal performance of your cloud-delivered application.

Server / Workload Assessment

After migrating your application to the cloud, there is typically a change in the way you pay for it. For a cloud-based application, you pay for the resources that you use. If you are seriously under-provisioned in your present environment, your payback from cloud migration will be in improved productivity and a better user experience. Your delivery costs may be the same or more but your clients and users will no longer suffer during peak usage periods. On the flip side, if your present architecture has been designed with generous headroom to allow for anticipated peak loads, cloud migration can offer a quick and generous ROI. Easy Cloud Management analyzes your present workload for processors, memory and storage. You can perform a quick assessment with our compliments now! Later, we recommend a more extended assessment to provide peak utilization data that can be used to provision your cloud infrastructure. Easy Cloud Management’s Pre-Migration Assessment Tool provides precise details on available processors, memory and storage. It takes a comprehensive inventory of all installed programs and services and monitors their performance. This assessment provides all the critical information that allows us to estimate the cost and feasibility for your cloud migration project.

Security Assessment

Easy Cloud Security Assessment is constantly updating its strategy to ensure that all cloud-based data and applications are secure. We perform rigorous and frequent vulnerability assessments for all our customers. We offer this as a one-time service as well. Using proprietary tools developed by our security experts we can perform External Penetration Testing and Within-Firewall Penetration Testing as well as Internal Vulnerability Scanning. Our penetration tests are performed using thousands of possible probes commonly used by intruders. While we may qualify as a third party for your security compliance needs we can also work as a part of your inside team. Our services can protect you from a security breach or potential damage from an intrusion and also reduce your cost of adherence to certain compliance requirements. While this service is available whether you are migrating to the cloud or not, as a part of your cloud strategy, this service will protect your invaluable data and make your application compliant. Contact us to discuss your assessment requirements. We have a highly qualified technical staff to fulfill your requirements for assessment and documentation.


Cloud Migration We specialize in migration. No matter how complicated or simple is your application architecture, we can simplify it, reorganize it, upgrade its basic platform, secure it and migrate it to cloud. We do not believe in "pack and move" migration. There is little advantage to that. It may even cost you more in long term if you simply move your workloads "as is". But while we can do "as is" or "fork lift" moves if they are right for you, our approach is to do what is best for your business in long term. If your servers are running older and potentially vulnerable / out of support operating systems, it is a perfect opportunity for you to upgrade, become current and compliant.

As-is Migration

Generally, we do not recommend “pack and move” migration. Often, the full advantages of migrating to the cloud cannot be realized when an application is migrated “as-is”. It may even cost you more in the long term if you simply move your current workloads “as-is”. While we can do “as-is” or “fork lift” moves if they are right for you, our approach is to do what is best for your business in the longer term.

Migration with Upgrades

If your servers are currently running older and potentially vulnerable, out of support or near end-of-life operating systems, this can be the perfect opportunity for you to upgrade. Your newly migrated, cloud-based application will be reliable and compliant and you will be strategically positioned for future growth.


Once your migration is complete and prior to switching your new cloud environment to live production, Easy Cloud Management offers several testing options to ensure your cloud-based application is robust and secure. These tests can save your technical and management teams from potential embarrassment in the event all facets do not perform as expected. Additionally, valuable data is obtained with regard to performance, namely the relationship of available resources to actual used and future available capacity.

UI Testing

All aspects of the user interface are tested. Easy Cloud Management monitors your newly migrated application during usage by a select group of actual application users. Subsequently, performance logs and access data are analyzed to make sure everything is working optimally from the new cloud.

Load Testing

We perform a load test using our automated testing tools that “stress” the new cloud infrastructure in a controlled way. The load test is conducted in an organized fashion so as to determine the total production capacity, relative to available resources. This offers assurance that the new infrastructure can handle the production load and also allows planning for future automatic or manual scaling of resources.

Security Testing

Using proprietary tools developed by our security experts we can perform External Penetration Testing and Within-Firewall Penetration Testing as well as Internal Vulnerability Scanning. These assessments are no different whether your workloads are physical, virtual or hybrid. An initial screening with subsequent periodic security scans can protect you from a data breach and those often costly consequences. Periodic screening can also satisfy certain security compliance issues.

Management and Monitoring

Easy Cloud Management is ready to assist you with your entire cloud strategy. Our assessment tools and migration expertise give us valuable insight into your cloud-based application's resource requirements and peak and off-peak workloads. You do not need to train or maintain a dedicated staff for managing your application and servers. We operate a 24x7X365 Network Operations Center and HelpDesk with access to all levels of tech support. Optionally, we can also provide dedicated full time tech support representatives and dev-ops.

Linux Server Management

From a management perspective, your cloud instances are no different than your physical servers. They still require maintenance and security monitoring. We manage Centos, Red Hat Enterprise and many other versions of Linux-based servers. We can manage your Linux-based sever for security, OS updates and routine patching, as well as any application level issues that may arise. With our team of highly skilled technical staff, we can provide professional yet affordable server administration services.

Windows Server Management

We support all versions of Microsoft Windows Server and Small Business Server. With our complete Windows Server Administration package, we free you up to do what you do best – run your business. With a full service package for each server, you can leave the hassles of server administration to us.

Docker Container Management

We offer full management service on workloads using Docker Containers. With Docker, you can  build, ship, and run distributed applications. We support Docker Engine, Docker Hub and Containers.

Cloud Platform Management

We offer full support for your OpenStack, VMWare, HyperV, Zen, Virtuozzo and OpenVZ cloud. Our engineers have been trained in all of these virtualization technologies and have even contributed to the open source versions. This allows us to plan, build and maintain a private cloud infrastructure that you may maintain in-house or in a co-location facility.

Public Cloud Management

We can manage your public cloud environment to ensure that you can obtain prompt technical support. Operating cost can be reduced by selectively shutting down unused resources. We also offer support for maintaining Disaster Recovery plans utilizing the reliable backups and inexpensive archiving that a cloud-based environment can offer.

Monitoring as a Service

At Easy Cloud Management, we have Level 1 and Level 2 technical support staff available 24×7×365. Our monitoring tools consist of industry-standard tools that perform holistic monitoring, in real time. This is done by monitoring server and service availability, network ports, transactions and log monitoring. All alerts are handled by real persons and escalated promptly to the appropriate technical support resource person. With this type of proactive monitoring, you will benefit from improved uptime and better performance.

Application Deployment Automation and Dev-Ops

Businesses constantly upgrade and develop new applications. For SaaS companies and those who rely on hosted applications for their business, constant development is a must. You can take full advantage of the cloud by quickly deploying new builds in production-worthy test deployments using automated tools like Puppet and Chef. We offer full support with dedicated Dev-Ops to make a perfect bridge between your developers and your application delivery team.

Cloud Application Management

Easy Cloud Management offers a full suite of management for most popular applications. We manage applications like Exchange, SharePoint, Magento, Joomla, WordPress, SugarCRM, cPanel, JBoss and many others.