Cloud Providers

If you are an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, you can utilize sales tools such as our proprietary Pre-Migration Assessment Tool. When your prospective clients ask how much money they will save by moving to the cloud, you can recommend an assessment of the client’s current application and architecture. The tool will provide detailed estimates of migration costs and potential ROI for your client’s cloud migration. You will be able to offer concrete metrics to guide your input as you provide a precisely defined migration strategy and direction to your prospects. This service will not only improve the sales closing ratio for your team, but it will readily differentiate you from your competition. This solution is available as a managed service or as a private label application.

Cloud Technology and Solution Providers

Most of the recommendations we make in the assessment process are delivered through our service delivery partners. If you have expertise in particular aspects of cloud technology, partnership with us would give you access to new customers for your services. Conversely, you can add our services to your portfolio in areas of where you may lack expertise. This way collectively and collaboratively you can provide a complete solution to the customers in areas of cloud migration and management.

Resellers and Channel Partners

You can become a member of our Channel Partnership Program for resellers and Managed Service Providers (MSPs). This program and its commissions are well-defined and offer generous rewards for master agents and sub agents. You have the option to simply pass qualified leads to our team or you can bring closed purchase orders. Historically, a large proportion of our customers stay with us in perpetuity since we offer continuous delivery of value via our subscription services for monitoring and management. Quite often, this results in ongoing return sales from the same loyal customers.

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