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You can test this tool by running an assessment of your present workstation. For just ballpark estimation of ROI, you can run these scripts in each of your workload.
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Detailed Assessment

Our detailed assessment that determines peak loads on your servers is available for you so that you can plan your migration with full understanding of future costing and have an accurate ROI estimate.

Applications Inventory

In addition to data on CPU, RAM and Storage, you get a full report on each installed program, its running state and ports it uses. You can have accurate inventory of every system using this periodically.

Pre-migration Assessment of Servers

In a world where cloud computing has the potential to significantly lower costs and to increase efficiency and return on investment, do you have the critical information needed to consider your cloud migration projects?

If you are not sure about:

What specific value will cloud computing bring to my business?

Which areas of my business will cloud computing benefit?

What new opportunities does cloud computing present?

How do those benefits and opportunities translate to increased profit?

How much will migration to cloud computing cost?

Should I even invest in it?

To assist you in answering these questions, use our free Cloud Migration Assessment Tool to do a quick assessment of your servers and application environment.

Create Your Free Account and Assess

Our Cloud Migration Assessment Tool quickly tabulates baseline information from your server and application environment (OS, applications and services, processor identity and utilization, memory and storage). The Cloud Migration Assessment Tool needs to be run on each server that is a potential cloud migration candidate.

Upon completion, you will be able to review the results immediately. If you choose to submit this information to your own secure space in our assessment application, you will be able to view the aggregated results and receive an initial estimate of cloud migration costs. Migration costs will be provided on an “as-is” or “upgraded” basis.

Additionally, if you input your present costs, you will immediately receive an approximate ROI determination.